Psychology Online Degree

Learn more about the educational path towards the clinical practice of Psychology

The Bachelor of Science or Arts in Psychology is one of the most popular and in demand undergraduate course worldwide. The Bachelor of Science and Arts appeal to students who want to practice human resource or organization development and social services, respectively. Whether you are a high school graduate who wants to enroll to this bachelor degree or a professional, who want to take a second undergraduate degree, applying and enrolling in a top university is becoming more accessible with the rise of distance and online education. This revolutionary and innovative movement affects a lot of students worldwide who do not have access to the best colleges. Due to this forward movement, students may now take psychology online degree.

There are a number of reputable universities in the United States that offer online psychology degree. One of the most popular is the Argosy University. This academic institution has a respectable College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences that works together with the American School of Professional Psychology. Together, they present a number of accredited online psychology programs that aim to broaden the students’ understanding of human behavior. Should you wish to know more about universities and colleges that have bachelor in psychology programs, you may check for an exhaustive directory. There you can choose the most interesting yet affordable institution that gives options such as full distance education or part distance program and part on college campus program.

After pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a psychology online degree, a student or professional may continue to a master’s degree in psychology. In Argosy University, they have a Master of Arts in Industrial Organizational Psychology which aims to train students apply learning and skills related to human behaviors in the work and organization settings. Another university that has a unique masters program in psychology is Walden University. This academic institution presents an MA in Media Psychology which prepares students to analyze human behavior and how it reacts to media stimuli. Holders of this MA may practice psychology in the marketing field, performing market research vis-à-vis consumer behavior. For a more complete list of universities that offer a master’s program in psychology, you may check

The ultimate and final step in achieving the highest possible level in psychology is the completion of a doctorate course. Masters holder with reasonable amount of experience may apply for a doctorate degree in psychology. As with the undergraduate program and masters program, there are plenty of academic institutions that have a doctorate in psychology online degree with varying specializations. Completion of a PhD in Psychology or PsyD will be credible to practice clinical psychology within their respective field of expertise. A reputable university that has such a course is the Capella University. It also offers a PhD in Addiction Psychology, PhD in Educational Psychology, aside from General Psychology. These PhD degrees enhance the students’ skills in research and theoretical interpretation, as well as train students for leadership and administrative roles in various settings like academic or commercial.

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