PhD Scholarships

International scholarships offered in Denmark and Germany.

PhD scholarships are available in Denmark particularly in the field of fisheries and aquaculture. The main objective of this project is to carefully investigate how risk theory and methods of risk management can be altered and adapted to fisheries management in order to be more effective in relations to conditions with different degrees of risk and uncertainties.

The Department of Management at Aarhus University opens its doors for a PhD scholarship which started on March 2010 and thereafter. There has been a noticeable change in the entrepreneurship over the past few years. There has been an increased strategic interest in the area of entrepreneurship and therefore applicants for a position as PhD student are invited and encouraged. The Regional Development Council funded the particular position. The PhD student will be working along with a dedicated and vibrant group of researchers, both senior and junior and expected to partake in events arranged by the group. The student should also participate in writing academic articles independently and with members of the group. Communication about research results among researchers is essential. A successful applicant is expected to acquire and adapt basic working knowledge and skills of Danish during the early period of the PhD position.

They are also open for applications in the field of information technology. The invitation to apply is open for a vast number of PhD scholarships which started on February 2011 at the IT University of Copenhagen or ITU. Some research areas of interest are algorithms for searching and analyzing of huge amounts of data, electronic voting, game aesthetics, globalization and technology. Other areas include methods of pragmatic inclusive design, study of digital culture, and online media’s social consequences. International scholarships are given to qualified candidates. The German Academic Exchange Service on the other hand, offers Master scholarships or college scholarships for publc policy and good governance or PPGG in Germany.

Victoria PhD Scholarships is offered to those who wish to take doctoral studies. It is awarded on academic merit and is open to local and students abroad in any discipline. The award is intended to supported and encourage doctoral study. The candidate is expected to meet the requirement. The recipient is required to contribute 150 hours in a year to the academic life of the school. The purpose of the 150 hours contribution is to provide the students with an insight into the work undertaken by. It also gives an opportunity to develop relationships with the school. You may contribute your time as a tutor, laboratory demonstrator, teaching assistant, or research assistant.

ICGEE or The International Center for Graduate Education in micro and nano Engineering is an education institution wholly dedicated to developing doctoral-level training in engineering. The goal of the program is to develop the academic, technical and administrative infrastructure needed. It is actively and continuously seeking new members, both national and overseas to participate in this program.

In Australia, the flagship offers full and top-up PhD scholarships to high-quality students who are currently enrolled in a PhD at university, and who will be working on a project.

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