PhD in Finance

This has some information about PhD in Finance.

The finance is the science of managing money and other assets. It involves banking, investments, and credit. It is a branch of economics that is concern with resource allocation as well as resource management, investment and acquisition. It simply deals with matters relating to money and the markets. The student is expected to finish PhD in finance for three years of full-time study and six years for part-time students. The field of finance specifically covers the economics of claims on resources. Valuation of claims is being studied by financial economists. They also study the markets in which they are traded, and their functions and use by individuals and corporations.

The PhD in Finance trains students in the methods of applied research and is created to build the skills that are required for research. Doctorate study in Finance teaches methods of basic and applied research. It is encouraged to the students that they have to develop and improve their technical skills and knowledge of economics until they are able to conceptualize, organize, and complete original studies in the field of finance. This program is not intended to extend the MBA training. It aims to produce critical researchers with broad and deep analytical skills and not highly sophisticated business practitioners of finance. Different methods are utilized to foster and enhance these abilities, including courses, seminar, and research papers. The faculty continually updates their teaching methods and course requirement in aiming to find better ways of preparing students to do research.

If you do not have a strong and recent background in calculus, statistics or linear algebra, it is strongly advised to take courses to strengthen any areas of your weakness. Skills in computer programming are necessary in coursework and in research. If your computer programming skills are not adequate enough, you may wish to take a course in computer programming before enrolling in this degree.

EDHEC Business School firmly believes that academic research has a vital role to play in encouraging innovation and constantly advancing professional standards. With a tradition of serving the needs of the community for centuries, it has defined a “research for business” orientation. It is organized by the Risk-Institute, a culmination of this goal. The PhD in Finance aims to help outstanding students to become autonomous researchers and lifelong innovators. This can be done by enabling the students to develop the scientific background and skills, conduct and complete research projects that are necessary in the financial industry.

If you join WBS Doctoral Programme, you will become a member of highly esteemed, dynamic and international research community. Its curriculum includes theory of finance, quantitative methods of finance, frontiers of research in finance, and methodology of social science. The MPhil in Finance is a combination of advanced study and research. It is specifically designed for individuals who wish to extend their knowledge in regards to financial management. It is particularly suitable for individuals who are intending to continue to a PhD in Finance. Have a go and make your dreams come true. Extend your knowledge and achieve the highest level of academic in a top university.

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