PhD in Education

A guide to the most popular PhD in Education specialty programs

One of the more popular post graduate courses is Education. The reason for this is education is a broad field of study and due to its broadness offers a lot of specialty courses for practitioners. Interested education practitioners become more credible and in demand when one complete post graduate degree in education and eventually reach the highest level which is a Phd in Education. If a profession in education is what you strive for, then this article will clarify any queries you have about it.

After finishing an undergraduate course in education, it is a requirement to take a Master’s degree in education. It is safest to pursue an MPhil in Education because this program hones the students’ research skills. Also, if one takes this course, it will lead the students to the path or specialization that they may pursue in the doctorate level. After the completion of a Master’s in Education, interested students can already proceed to take a Doctorate in Education. Since there are numerous specialty courses related to education in the doctorate level, the article will try to cover the most popular one to give to those who are still deciding what to take. The most popular and broadest degree program is the PhD in Education. A Philosophy in Education trains students in theoretical understanding and research methods. Graduates from this program usually end up researching new methods or theories in education and teaching in the collegiate or post graduate levels.

Meanwhile, if one wishes to specialize in education leadership, he or she can take a PhD in Education Administration. This course focuses on both research and practical methods of education leadership, more specifically on school management, governance, organization development, and so on. Holders of this PhD may end up becoming an elementary or high school principal or even a college dean or chairperson. However, if you would like to learn more about the macro approach to education leadership, you may opt for a PhD in Education Policy Studies. This course prepares students to compare international and local academic governance. Holders of this PhD may pursue a consultancy profession in education either in the government or private sector. Finally, if you wish to learn more about the learning curve of students or students’ behaviors in relation to learning, you may be interested in taking up a PhD in Education Psychology. This course concentrates on learning theories, human growth and development, psychological evaluation, and so on. Holders of this PhD may practice clinical psychology in academic institutions.

These are just some of the PhD in Education courses; nevertheless, these are the most popular choices. When you have already decided on your specialty, you must now search for the best college or university to get this education from. It is important that your chosen academic institution has the necessary accreditations from either the government or credible non-government organizations to ensure quality of education. It is also good to know that you have a choice on whether to pursue a PhD on-campus or off-campus thru the online or distance education program. Once you have all these determined, you may now trek the road towards higher education.

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