PhD in Computer Science

In this article, you will find information about PhD in Computer Science.

PhD is the highest academic degree offered in universities anywhere in the world. Unlike other degrees, it focuses on creating new knowledge and not on existed knowledge. It is no wonder, that PhD is desired by anyone who wished to “make a mark.” PhD in Computer Science allows challenges to students that no other program does. Some people in India, despite their desire to go further their studies, they are seem to be scared in pursuing it because they think that undertaking PhD programme is far too difficult for them. Some people think that it will take too much of their time.

As everyone knows, PhD is all about doing research. A research that enables you to formulate questions whose answers are unknown. By doing the research, you will seek answers to your formulated questions. The results acquired in the research are to be presented in a committee or a panel of supervisors, and approved research is to be submitted to scientific journals. It is essential that your dissertation is original and approved by the panel members.

In Computer Science, the range of problem area can be from highly theoretical or mathematical problems to experimentation or creating new technologies. Basically, PhD in Computer Science programme world consists of doing course work, passing exams, and thesis writing that you should be defending in the front of a panel. Doing doctorate degrees is indeed very hard. It involves a lot of time and effort. However, if you have the drive, desire and motivation to achieve your goals, nothing is impossible.

In France, they are seeking qualified applicants to fill an available position in the field of Computer Science. The scholarship will be granted to a qualified candidate. The successful candidate must hold a Master’s degrees or equivalent in Computer Science or in a related field. The candidate must be enrolled by then in the PhD in Computer Science at the University of Bourgogne.

In the Department of Computer Science in UCL built a strong reputation as one of the universities for applied Computer Science research in all over Europe. They have some of the top research groups in UK in many fields. The research has nine major areas that are internationally recognized, such areas are human centered sysmtems, information security, bioinformatics, intelligent systems, networks, virtual environments and computer graphics, software systems engineering, vision and imaging science, and media futures. MPhil programmes may be full-time or part-time, depending on what suits you. The minimum programme length is three years of full-time study or five years if enrolled part-time.

Students are expected to have self-discipline and strong motivation needed to work as an independent student. However, the school also provides supervision and monitoring of progress to guide students through their research. Students and supervisors meet regularly so that students can undergo formal progress reviews which involve written and oral reports in their preparation for their final thesis examination.

PhD in Computer Science provides workshops and seminars to promote discussion and disseminate their experience between their co-students and also to develop their professional skills. There are also additional courses that you can undertake on research skills that are available through the Graduate School.

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