PhD Degree

This article is about Doctor of Philosophy degree.

PhD Degree or Doctor of Philosophy is the global academic qualification. Some universities offer a world-class education, and lead you on the path to a successful and wonderful career. An opportunity to participate in large number of activities related to your studies is provided to you. It gives you a chance to join extra-curricular activities as well, including, Audacious, Scholarships, Student Exchange Program, Business Case Competitions, Internship Programme and Visiting Executive Programme, and Peer Assisted Study Sessions Programme. These activities will be very helpful in your studies and should not be ignored in any way. Other universities give you an exciting environment for socialization, but also for serious study. The combination of the two gives you a healthy relationship and balance between social life and work which employers understand well.

Regardless of whether you are a freshman who is beginning tertiary studies or a master’s degree holder who is returning to extend their horizon in education, many schools has exciting study options to meet your needs as a student. Schools of today offer each student a flexible programme, either minor or major, or embark on a multi-disciplinary programme.

PhD degree offers you the opportunity to work with colleagues from around the world, and under the supervision of internationally high-standard academics. It is awarded bases on the submission of thesis. The thesis should show the candidate’s ability to carry out research, originality and independence, and has made tremendous and significant contribution in the particular field. The thesis should be worthy to be publicized. The research is expected to be completed within three years.

What are the requirements in enrolling Doctoral degree programs? To be admitted to the programme, an application form prescribed from the doctoral and scholarships office. It can be made anytime and must be approved before you begin your research work. You must be a graduate from a university and must show evidence that you are able to undertake research in the area of proposed study. Proof of evidence may include Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and appropriate research experience. The length of study would basically depend on the time you put in your studies. If you are a full-time student, you could complete PhD degree programme for three years or if you decide to enroll for part-time study, you are expected to finish it within 4 years. The minimum period of study is 2.5 years and the maximum period is 4 years. In some cases, additional papers are another requirement to be submitted. You should take one or more prescribed papers in addition to the Phd programme. Please look for the checklist to be sure that you have all the requirements needed for admission.

For some of us who are busy at work and does not have time to go back to school, earning their Phd degree is quite of a problem. But did you know that CSCI supports their employees achieve their goals? Computer Systems Center Incorporated is committed and engaged to its employee personal growth and they believe that individual who has the desire to continue education, should not be hindered yet encouraged.


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