PhD in Psychology

A brief description of the post graduate studies related to Psychology

Psychology is a branch of science that studies the human mind and corresponding human behavior. This branch of science is highly interesting to tertiary students; thus, the proliferation of college programs related to Psychology. However in most science courses, the fulfillment of a post graduate degree is perennial in increasing credibility in pursuing such a profession. After receiving an undergraduate diploma in Psychology, a student may continue to pursue an MPhil in Psychology and eventually continue until a PhD in Psychology.

Why is there such a need to pursue further studies in Psychology? There are a variety of reasons why a person must pursue post graduate education. If a person wishes to do clinical practice he or she must obtain the highest possible educational attainment which is the Psy. D. Meanwhile if a person wishes to do clinical practice, as well as to do research works, he or she must opt for a PhD in Psychology. Lastly, if a person wishes to specifically work in an academic institution as a clinical psychologist, he or she must pursue Ed.D. in Psychology.

As crucial as finishing the highest possible level in psychology is the selection of the school where to pursue post graduate studies from. It is important to research on the different colleges or universities conveniently located in your area and financially feasible before deciding on where to study. According to the National Research Council Rankings, the top 10 universities that have a PhD in Psychology are Stanford, University of Michigan, Yale, UCLA, University of Illinois, Harvard, Berkeley, to mention a few. Should you wish to take a PhD in any of these academic institutions, you need not worry if its Psychology course has accreditation or not. However, if none of these institutions can fit your budget or not conveniently located, you may search the net for some academic institutions that offer online courses in Psychology which are accredited by credible institutions. Of the top of the list on online academic institution is Cornell University.

Apart from choosing the top academic institution is knowing the requirements needed to enroll for a PhD in Psychology. These may vary from one academe to another but a general rule is for an applicant to have completed a Master’s degree in Psychology and have a reasonable amount of professional experience in Psychology. In addition, an applicant must reach a certain grade point average and pass the entrance examination. Once you have gone through the rigid application process, you have a maximum of 7 years to finish your Phd, a maximum of 6 years to finish a PsyD, and a maximum of 5 years to finish an Ed.D. There may be a lot of choices of post graduate courses related to Psychology and it may confuse interested students. Out of all the courses, the most popular choice is the Phd as it is broader in scope yet focused in terms of research training. So if you are not yet fully decided, it is best to read more about the post graduate courses and the best way to achieve what your are hoping for.

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