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Learn more about doctorate nursing programs and what reputable schools offer it

Professionals with reasonable amount of experience in the field of nursing or healthcare will really benefit in exploring career advancement through continuing education. Without having to pluck yourself out of your ongoing career and relocate in order to get the best post graduate education, you may now choose to take one out of the many available online PhD Nursing program. Completion of such a PhD program will qualify holders for a leadership position in healthcare organizations and ready holders for any position like administrative or managerial posts. Interested students will find this article helpful in determining which degree program to take and where to take it.

Before the article proceeds in expounding on different online PhD Nursing programs, it is best to first define and differentiate important terminologies. In nursing, there are two kinds of doctoral programs, both of which have unique curricula. One of these programs is the Doctor of Nursing Program. DNP used to be referred to as Doctor of Nursing. This program focuses on the clinical aspects of nursing, which means that a student will be trained for in-depth applications of clinical research, leadership practices, and further nursing practice. The other doctorate program is the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing or Phd in Nursing. This program, which transition from the Doctor of Nursing Science, prepares students for in-depth academic research related to nursing. Not only does this program prepare students for academic research, it can also prepare students to become educators in the field of nursing. Between the two mentioned programs, the more popular among students are the nursing PhD programs.

Now that the article has compared and contrasted the two graduate education programs, the focus will now be shifted to reputable schools that offer post graduate online PhD Nursing programs and online Doctor of Nursing program. One of the most popular academic institutions that offer online PhD in Nursing and online DNP is the Medical University of South Caroline – College of Nursing. MUSC recently announced that their DNP program received accreditation until 2016 which means that students are sure of getting quality education. The university also has scholarship options for students who are academically and financially eligible for the program. Another academic institution that is famous for its post graduate nursing programs is Capella University. This university, same with MUSC, has both doctoral degrees with similar purposes and aims. The only difference in its PhD program is it centered towards prepares its students to be educators in the field of nursing. For a more complete list of academic institutions that offer online programs, you may check

It is now more accessible and affordable for nursing practitioners or healthcare workers to pursue advanced learning because of the availability of the online PhD Nursing programs. The information presented here is an aid to those who want to refine their knowledge and specialize on a certain field in Nursing. However, ultimately, the final decision to pursue post graduate learning is up to the learner’s hands. And the only advice anyone can give is for interested students to be fully determined and dedicated to learning before enrolling in any doctoral course.

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