Online PhD in Education

Learn the details about the different doctorate degrees in Education

It is a requirement that educators around the world commit to continuous education and lifelong learning. It is one, if not the only, condition given to educators before given a promotion or an administrative position. However, it is also a common issue that highly reliable educators have less time to learn because of the workload that they have. To solve this issue, educators around the world may now opt to pursue post graduate studies through an online PhD in Education. Online learning is now gaining accreditation and credibility amongst different institutions, so students are assured that online universities offering accredited doctorate degrees are at par with on-campus, traditional education.

It is also good news that online PhD in Education is not only popular and widely available but also extensive in specialties. One of the most popular specializations is PhD in Educational Leadership and Management. This education degree trains students to understand different theories in management and organization development. It also prepares students in composing scholarly research works that will contribute to other researchers and educators around the globe. Finally, it equips students to teach other learners taking a Master’s degree or a PhD degree program. Another distance doctoral degree in education that is popular and in demand is the Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education Administration. This degree, similar to the ELM course, grooms students for administrative positions in the secondary level. Some of the skills being transferred to HEA students are theoretical management skills, curriculum assessment, and research for the improvement of secondary education.

Before you enroll in any of the Phd degree programs available, it is equally important to figure out which professional path you wish to venture. If your passion is to practice education management more than becoming a researcher, it is best to take a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree than a Doctor of Philosophy degree. One EdD course that is gaining recognition is the EdD in Adult Education. This course aims to produce critical thinkers, education leaders with integrity and knowledge to apply theoretical ideas about education management. Ultimately, this course focuses on the improvement of education and its implementation in the graduate level. However, if you still dream of becoming a school leader or administrator, you may take the EdD in Education Leadership in Management. This course is almost parallel to its Doctor of Philosophy counterpart and the fine line that separates the two is the former is focused on practical applications of theories learned while the latter is more on analytical understanding of theories.

If you are already set on which online EdD or online PhD in Education to pursue, the next step to take is choosing the best and most reputable college or university. It is important to research on the college’s accreditation because this will ensure the best quality of education and up-to-date curriculum. Universities that have very good reputation in giving out distance education are Argosy University, Walden University, Capella University, and University of Phoenix. For a more complete list of universities, you may check

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