Distance PhD

Distance PhD education is offered in India.

Learning is something we should do constantly and continuously. But with our busy schedule and limited budget, we settled for what we have already known and we stopped earning degrees. Some of us are lucky enough to have studied until College, but most of the population all around the world left school in High School. There could be a lot of factors resulting to this status but every problem has a solution. If you stopped schooling because of your challenging work or financial problem, there is a solution to that. In our modern age, almost anything is possible. With online education, you can continue schooling or you could extend your learning through higher education. If you hold a Master’s degree, you could go undertake distance PhD. It is so easy to enroll and it won’t take much of your time studying. It is best for working parents or busy Moms who want to go back to school and study the field that they desire.

In India, taking distance PhD program is in demand. There are lots of new and accredited online schools that offer courses required for your field of study. The programme is structured based on a preferred input of those who have satisfactorily completed one of the Institute’s higher degrees. It requires all students to pass a qualifying exam to be formally accepted in the programs. It offers a unique and great opportunity for individuals at large. It is in an off-campus setting, which means you are not required to go to school regularly.

IGNOU, The school of continuing education (SOCE) offers distance PhD in Rural Development. To enroll, you are not required to take an entrance test but there is a mode of selection listed here. You should identify a topic for pursuing this course in PhD programs, after careful review of literature on the subject. You should prepare a proposal on the topic you have selected, either independently or with an assistance of a supervisor. You should send the proposal with an application form to the Research Unit. By this time, a PhD Coordinator or a faculty will examine your proposal and if found unsuitable, it will be returned to you with comments and you will be requested to resubmit. If the proposal is clear, it is sent to a member of the committee for thorough examination. After careful and thorough process and examination, and found that your proposal is suitable, it will be accepted and you can now enroll for this PhD course.

Thesis is an integral component and an essential tool in distance PhD courses. In most cases, course work normally consists of required courses to be completed for a higher education. If you want to see the list of PhD courses, you could check out Globalshiksha website. It is your guide for global education. Currently, PhD courses are fast growing because of the increasing demand. Courses offered to many schools today are PhD in Arts, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Mass Communication, Tamil, Life Science, Physics, Architecture, International Studies, Sanskrit, Education and many more.

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